2020 Christmas Gift Guide for the Family!

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It’s that time again folks!

Christmas can be a fantastic time of year, but far too often we let the pressure of finding the perfect present for our loved ones overshadow the fun. So, we thought we’d help you out a little! This year we are offering FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING on order over $80, & we’ve compiled a 2020 Christmas Gift Guide for the Family, with some of our favourite products! 


For Mum

Lavender Relaxation Pack

lavender relaxation

This is the ultimate self care indulgence pack. This pack includes our famous Peppermint and Lavender Bath Salts, which contain Australian sea salt and epsom salts, along with peppermint and lavender essential oils. Epsom salts and peppermint essential oil helps to relax the muscles and the lavender essential oils increase relaxation and reduce anxiety. We also include a Peppermint and Lavender Soap in this pack, which has similar effects, while also mixing in some sweet almond oil to soothe the skin. Our Lavender Essential Oil can be used on the skin and/or in a diffuser, or even on your pillow at night! Finally, we include our Luscious Lavender Soap, which utilises the moisturising benefits of avocado and macadamia oil, along with the lavender essential oil. This pack truly is guaranteed to please. 


Purple Perfume 

purple perfumeOur purple perfume contains three rich, calming and warm essential oils. Jasmine Essential oil improves mood through calming effects while vanilla essential oil lowers blood pressure and increases mental clarity and function. Finally, Ylang Ylang essential oil soothes tiredness, stress and sleeplessness! This scent evokes feelings of comfort, warmth and stability – what more could a mum want? 


For Dad

Shaving Pack 

Father's Day Gift Guide: 2020

Containing our notorious Solid Shaving Bar and Man Care Oil, this pack is perfect for any man that is looking to lean towards a more sustainable shaving option. Solid shaving bars negate the use of plastic bottles, and are often kinder to the skin. All our soaps are completely natural and chemical free, so they are great for people who tend to have sensitive skin, or simply want to avoid unnecessary chemicals. It really is possible to get a great, foaming shaving cream that begins in bar form! Just give it a little rub in your hands and the foam will develop! Our man care oil makes for a great after shave and moisturising oil as well!

Beard Pack and Man Care Oil

Beard PackOur beard packs also includes our Man Care Oil, which is a great product for those who choose to sport a beard! The oils within this product help to moisturise the beard and thus help the hairs sit nicely on the face. Keeping your beard moisturised will also help with the growth! Our Solid Beard Shampoo is a great option for this also, acting as both a cleanser and a moisturiser. These two products when used together will help maintain the appearance and condition of the beard!

Blue Cologne

If you’re looking for a classic fragrance which also contains no chemicals, we have the perfect option for you. It can be difficult finding the right cologne, however we rarely find anyone that dislikes the smell of our Blue Cologne. The great thing about fragrances containing essential oils, is that they also have aromatherapeutic benefits! Within this scent, we use veviter, frankincense, ylang ylang and neroli essential oils, which all help to soothe the mind, promote calmness and also promote a balanced energy.


For the Sister

Avocado and Macadamia Soap

Avocado & Macadamia Soap

This soap is a win-win all round. Avocado and Macadamia oils are incredibly moisturising, but also soothing for sensitive skin types, so they’re a great fit for when you’re looking for a little more moisture in the skin. The more moisturised the skin is, the more supple and even the skin tone tends to look! Not only this, but the Ylang Ylang essential oil we mix in give it a warm, sweet scent that everyone will love.

Pink Perfume

The ANSC Melbourne Perfume Pink

Perfect for summer, our Pink Perfume contains rose, geranium and grapefruit essential oils to lighten and brighten your day and mood. This fragrance makes for a great gift, as it is both feminie and enlightening. These essential oils help to reduce stress and regulate the limbic system, while also enhancing focus and concentration.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Our Eucalyptus Essential oil is fantastic to either add to an oil burner or even pop straight on the skin! Mixed with a touch of jojoba and rice bran oil, they aren’t too strong to add directly onto the surface of the skin 



For the Brother

Lemon Myrtle 

Lemon myrtle essential oil is refreshing to the senses and mind! This is a product which almost everyone love, but is a great gift for guys given the similarity to the scent lemongrass, which is bright but earthy. We couple this essential oil with an olive oil base, so it’s great for all skin types.

Black Clay

Australian Black Clay Cleanser

Our Black Clay Soap is a wonder for anyone who is looking to even out their oil production, or to clean away any excess dirt on the surface of the skin. Natural but effective facial cleansers can be hard to find, and too often they contain overpowering fragrances. Our Black Clay soap has a wonderful, earthy, neutral smell, which makes it a great gift for guys. This every-day facial and body cleanser also contains sweet almond oil, so it’s great for even incredibly sensitive skin.