A Cruelty Free Easter

theansc March 16, 2016 0 comments
Easter is just around the corner and as we started putting our White Chocolate Soap on the shelves, we got to thinking about the mass consumption of chocolate that’s about to take place around the world.  We have endeavered to help create an easier route to a cruelty free easter this year.
It is easy to be sucked into the vortex of brightly wrapped eggs and bunnies that fill supermarket shelves. However, after learning a few key things about their ingredients, your impulsive egg-buying practises will may change drastically! The true cost of chocolate is more than you think. Here are three points which highlight this;

Many popular chocolates contain unsustainable palm oil, destroying the lives and habitats of orangutans in Borneo. If you haven’t heard about the palm oil issue, read up on it here.

Chocolate is most often made with milk and there are many sad things that are overlooked about the dairy industry. Read more here.

60% of all cocoa is sourced from Ghana and the Ivory Coast. In these areas, working conditions are generally sub-par and child labour is rife. Not to mention, most of these workers earn an average of $2.07 a day and have never even tasted chocolate in their life. You can learn more in this informative article.

We love chocolate as much as you do. Although, is a quick fix for that sweet tooth really worth all of the above mentioned suffering? Especially when there are so many delicious alternatives out there? Look for chocolate that is vegan and fair trade certified to be sure that you aren’t contributing to animal cruelty or slave trade. And as for the palm oil issue, there is an app which lets you scan barcodes to find out if they contain palm oil! How easy is that? Get it for your phone in the App Store.
Or, for a really fun and vegan alternative, you could try our White Chocolate Soap made with shea butter and peppermint oil which smells good enough to eat! A Cruelty Free Easter