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Sustainable, ethical gift guide for mums everywhere



Whether you’re nearby, distancing or waiting to be together again, celebrating *Mum* is a time to raise a glass to the person who gave you guidance.

Perhaps she brought you into this world. Taught you so many important things, like how to scrub those dirty hands, how to do the dishes or how to do the laundry without turning everything pink.


If you’re looking for something special and affordable, we’ve got you covered with a few of our favourite, fabulous, eco-friendly gifts for Mum.


Whether it’s her birthday, Mother’s Day, a personal celebration, Christmas, a religious or cultural event, or perhaps a gift to say Thanks. Keep reading because in this article we’ve listed some of our bestselling sustainable *Mum gifts*. 

Forget frivolous filler trinkets that get tossed in the trash days later. Choose something good for her, good for her body and good for the planet.

Let’s get stuck in…

Lavender Relaxation Pack – $42.00

Mum’s fave gift pack for relaxation – the ultimate natural tonic (Gin optional)

Elegant scent of lavender with a splash of peppermint. As calming, as it is soothing and relaxing. Invokes bright, quiet summer days in country gardens.

Honouring the natural beauty of these aromatherapy wonders. Helping Mum unwind, relieve stress, and bring on restful sleep. Pure uplifting bliss.

lavender relaxation


Love this company!! Their products are all natural, vegan, and most importantly (to me) Palm Oil Free!! 


Australian Bush Range – $42.00

The secret weapon of gift packs. Showcasing some incredible essential oils native to Australia. Used by First Nations mums for thousands of years.

Every essential oil used is a goddess of single origin, locally grown goodness. Each one has aromatherapy benefits rivalling some of the most well-known oils overseas. 

We collaborated with Ikuntji artist, Daphne Marks for the packaging with paintings depicting the Yalka (bush onion). A percentage of each sale goes directly to Daphne.


  • Wattle Seed Soap
  • Sandalwood Bark Soap
  • Lemon Myrtle Leaf Soap

Bursting with Australian superpowers. Just like Australian mums.


If you are keen on buying from an Australian company which produces quality product from Australian sourced ingredients, you can’t do better than this company!

Geri B

Scents of Australia – $14.00

A little box of Australian sustainable soapy scented luxury.  

You’ll be euphoric with excitement when you grab the Scents of Australia Soap Gift Pack. Makes gift-giving easy peasy. 

  • Two of our best-selling fabulously scented soaps, Lemon Myrtle and Eucalyptus Euphoria 
  • Nourishing facial and body cleansers bursting with good stuff only
  • Perfect ethical, eco-friendly Australian gift. No nasties included.

Specially-made, sustainable wrapping. No need for anything extra. Top it off with a personalised gift tag?

scents of australia


Finding a soap bar that works and does not have an obnoxious smell to it is so hard. But here I have finally found it.


All Australian Pack – $42.00

An All Australian Gift Pack crammed full of natural goodness for Mum’s self-care moments. 

Locally sourced ingredients, locally made soap, environmentally-friendly, all wrapped up in one.

Makes a stunning surprise gift for mum, or a scent-sational, ethical souvenir of our clean, green country. 

Five delightfully scented and unscented soaps showcasing some of Australia’s favourite oils.

Your mama is going to lurve this set.


Thank You for your great selection of soaps. We’ve been customers for a few years now and just love trying out the different soaps. Our favourite is Eucalyptus… . or Lemon or maybe Peppermint & Lavender 🤔


Body Essentials Pack – $24.00

Soap your every mood with something smooth, long-lasting and naturally pure. 

Each one of these soaps oozes premium olive oil*. Lather your body head to toe for silky soft skin. 

*Before you grab a bottle of pure olive oil, we suggest you try the Body Essentials Pack – three favourite soaps full of fabulous olive oil

Only Olive soap for those quiet fragrant free moments full of fantasies

Eucalyptus Euphoria soap for fist-pumping earthy excitement 

Peppermint and Pumice soap for invigorating, fresh skips in your step

A sensational sustainable gift for Mum to try natural nourishing handmade soaps.

Body Essentials front facing


The soaps are beautiful, very good quality, long lasting and smell delicious. They are mild on the skin and now I’ve found them it’s all I will use. Highly recommended.


Lemon Myrtle Face and Body Wash (500ml) – $29.95

Triple award-winning light n’ breezy, lemon squeasy face and body wash for the triple-top mother-figure in your life.

The ultimate eco-friendly gift for any mum wanting healthy, hydrated skin and needing a new zing in her step.

With an aroma so bright and revit-alising, it’s no wonder this refreshingly zesty face and body wash will help her feel rejuvenated and look glowingly gorgeous.

Soooo sustainable, it’s served in a glass bottle with a bamboo rim. And, to save you more money, more time and the environment, stock up with a super-sized 2L refill.

Prefer lavender over lemons?

Perhaps Eucalyptus?

Maybe Avocado and Macadamia?

Four scent-a-licious body washes – which one would your Mum love?


Lemon Myrtle Face and Body Wash is fabulous. Great product that smells wonderful and cleans my hands perfectly without drying them out.
Very generous sizing, too. Love, love, love this.


What next?

Which one to choose? I know, I know, it’s hard! For a few more choices and a little more detail on these gift ideas for Mum, go to our Mother’s Day gift page. 

If you found this list useful, why not share it with your friends? We’d love you to help us spread the word on Australian made, 100% natural skin and body care.