Save Orangutans with our Palm Oil Free Soaps

Benjamin Cook June 18, 2020 0 comments

We started The Australian Natural Soap Company because we wanted to create palm oil free soaps.

In 2016 we took it a step further, entering a product partnership with The Orangutan Project.

This organisation is dedicated to the protection and rehabilitation of orangutans greatly impacted by the destructive nature of the palm oil industry.

By donating $1 for every $2 tester bar sold in store and online since then, we (and our wonderful customers!) have been able to donate an incredible $34,000 to the Orangutan Project!

We’ve decided to broaden the partnership with the launch of our new website and contribute 3% of all sales of our palm oil free soaps online to The Orangutan Project and continue to support their incredible work! That’s just another way we can save Orangutans with our palm oil free soaps.

So what’s the problem with Palm Oil?

The true cost of palm oil is far too great to overlook – its production costs 300 football fields worth of rainforest every hour in Southeast Asia.

So what do The Orangutan Project do?

Since 2018, the Orangutan Project has successfully protected 4,500 orangutans and secured a total of 1,195,992 acres of now protected rainforest from being destroyed. It has also employed 105 wildlife protection rangers and given over 100 educational talks within local communities and school about the detrimental effects of the palm oil industry.

The Orangutan Project ensures that all orangutans are well looked after while in rehabilitation, with extensive medical care, training facilities and mental health support in place including both enriched physical and mental stimulation provided for the orangutans.

The Orangutan Project protect and rehabilitate the lives of orangutans, helping critically endangered species such as the Sumatran tiger and local elephants of the Bukit Tigapuluh Ecosystem.

Read more about the incredible work of The Orangutan Project.