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Only Olive Soap Guest Soap


True to its origins, only olive soap is made from… well … only olive oil.

Only olive might seem dull, but this soap is far from dreary. This natural wonder-bar has it all. Loaded with antioxidants, teeming with vitamins and minerals, and fragrance free.

What’s not to love?

-Fantastic for all skin types
-Sensational for sensitive skin
-Use all over for soft, supple skin

Ingredients: Saponified Olive Oil

This is a guest soap, which is 20g in size. We also offer 100g bars of this soap which you can find here.

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100% Australian Olive Oil Guest Soap

We use a lot of Australian olive oil in our soaps and in our Only Olive Guest Soap we use nothing else. Olive oil makes a beautifully moisturising and softening soap for the skin. It also makes a very long-lasting soap. Cruelty free, palm oil free, paraben free, biodegradable & vegan.



  • 20g weight – a great tester size!
  • Ingredients: Saponified Olive Oil


  • Uses 100% Australian olive oil
  • Comes in plastic free packaging that is compostable and recyclable
  • 100g, 500g and 1kg options available
  • Certified palm-oil free with the Orangutan Alliance
  • Certified cruelty free with Choose Cruelty Free
  • Certified Australian Made with Australian Made.


Does this soap smell?

Our Only Olive Guest Soap uses 100% Australian olive oil – nothing else so it is unscented.

Where can I use this soap?

Our Only Olive Guest Soap is gentle enough to use on the face, body and hands.

How should I store my soap to get the best out of it?

We recommend keeping your soap out of water as much as possible. Our soaps are rich in plant oils, which will react to water – that’s what gives it their cleaning properties. Unnecessary exposure to water will mean the soap will be used up more quickly. The same goes for if the soap is left in a steamy, unventilated shower.

To get the best out of our soap, store on a well-drained soap holder, like our reclaimed wood soap holder. And keep away from steam and dripping taps when not in use!

How can your soap be 100% olive oil?

We make our Only Olive Guest Soap the same way we make all our soaps – by combining the plant oil, water and lye and then let them set for 4 weeks. This saponifies the oils (which gives the soap it’s cleaning properties) and makes them solid.

Do you have larger sizes available?

We sure do! This is a soap which we offer in a 100g bar, but also in bulk – 500g or a kilo!


Our Olive Oil Guest Soap is the cheapest facial cleanser on the market. The natural olive oil will soften and tighten the skin and will keep it moisturised. No need for expensive skincare here!


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Dimensions 2 × 6 × 3 cm

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