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Original Solid Shampoo Bar Guest Soap


The Australian Natural soap company has been making environmentally friendly soaps for years. Our Original Solid Shampoo Guest soap use all-natural Australian ingredients to make a Solid Soap Bar that nourishes your hair and leaves it looking healthier than before. It increases volume and decreases oiliness, and even works wonders for thick and curly hair. At 20g in size, this guest soap is a wonderful way to trail our most popular shampoo.

At 20g in weight, this is a great tester size bar! We also have a 100g bar of this soap which you can find here. 

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Whether you’re new to solid shampoo bars, or you’re a seasoned expert, our Original Solid Guest Soap is a fantastic, reliable and easy product to include in your hair-care routine. Entirely chemical-free, this solid shampoo bar is tried and trusted and is suitable for a wide range of hair types. 

We include a unique blend of Australian plant and essential oils to deeply nourish your hair, while also protecting the existing oils which are necessary for healthy scalps and hair growth. We never put harsh ingredients in our soaps, which means that not only is it good for your hair, but it’s good for the environment, too.

Our shampoo bars are transportable, easy to use and easy to store.  Not only that, using a solid shampoo bar negates the need for a plastic bottle – so, it’s a great way to save on waste!

Try our Original Solid Shampoo Guest Soap today and experience the benefits of truly natural, truly chemical free hair-care, first hand.


Not sure how to use our Original Solid Shampoo Bar? Let our founder, Emma Cook, show you how:

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