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Soap Saver


A simple sustainable solution to stretch out the life of your soap. 

Lather up and exfoliate your skin to feel bright and clean.

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Instructions for use
Written by the soap-saver themselves (clever little thing uh?):

Pop your favourite soap inside me (the cotton bag)
Pull drawstring tight
Take me into the shower and wet me up
Wash down your body and sing as you go
When you’re done, hang me out to dry (seriously, cut loose and let me go. I need time to pull myself together ready for next time)
Don’t leave me in wet or steamy areas. My heart will melt away a little.
Let me dry out and I’ll stick around for a long time. 

Machine washable. Drop me in a delicates bag – without the soap!

Use any washing powder but I love All Natural Soap Flakes.

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Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 cm

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