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Why do we believe that natural plant oils are the best things to use on the skin?

May 19, 2015

We are routinely asked; why do we believe that natural plant oils are the best things to use on the skin?

I remember when I first started looking into natural plant oils for skin care. I was thinking that surely putting just oils on your skin would make it feel oily and would cause pimples. However this is simply not the case.

Plant oils are very different to mineral oils, which are derived from petroleum. Mineral oils have been commonly used in skin care for a while now and act as a barrier for the skin, sitting on the skin rather than being absorbed – creating that oily feeling.

However, the plant oils that we use in our products mimic the skin’s own natural oils and are therefore absorbed. They are also packed with minerals and vitamins that are great for your skin’s health.

Fundamentally, our philosophy when it comes to skin is that it is alive and should be treated as such.

In an age where we are more conscious than ever before about eating healthy, unprocessed, natural foods, why are we happy to use skin care that often has an ingredients list that only a chemist can understand?

I know that ever since I got rid of using chemicals on my skin and pared it back to pretty much just natural plant oils, my skin has never looked more alive and the irritation that has plagued me since my teenage years has finally settled down.

I thought surely there must be something to this…



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